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Mystery Evaluation of Below the Line Marketing Campaigns

Does your advertising campaign really work?

Every year marketing and brand managers come up with creative strategies to communicate the benefits of their products and services.
But how does one measure whether these techniques really achieve their business objectives?

Ultimately the goal of any advertising campaign is to increase sales, but this is a very high level and long term result which is very difficult to link to a specific campaign.

Some approximate measures are available for established media like TV and radio, but increasingly brands are turning to below-the-line activations to reach consumers at the point of sale, while waiting in line for a taxi, or somewhere else that traditional media does not reach. Investing in these kinds of campaigns makes logical sense, but to make business sense their effectiveness needs to be measured.

This is where Mystery Evaluation Studies are starting to play a vital role in the design of a campaign.
Please view our case study or call us for more information.

  • Download Evaluation of clinic activations case study

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